The Team

Austin Manelick

Founder & CEO

National Geographic's Austin Manelick

Known to most as a National Geographic Explorer and Survival Expert, Austin was born and raised in Alaska, growing up hunting, fishing, and exploring the vast state. Developing his pre-post and production expertise, he graduated from Penn State University and began his professional life as an outdoor television videographer and producer.

Returning to Alaska, he created Mission Alaska, a blog site that focuses on the relentless pursuit of Alaskan adventure. MAK aims to inspire the next generation of outdoorsmen to get outside and explore, the smart way. This was the first step in the digital world that opened the doors for Premier Frontier Productions.

Austin founded Premier Frontier Productions to address Alaska’s growing digital and production needs.  Based in the gorgeous backdrop of Palmer, Alaska we provide production and logistical needs for projects around the entire state. Premier Frontier Productions has found success on various projects including television shows, commercial marketing, video productions, market research, sales, web development, video editing, and modeling.

Kalen Kolberg

Videographer & Social Media Developer


Kalen started filming with Austin on Alaskan adventures in 2013, shortly there after he was in the wilds of Montana representing Premier Frontier Productions filming the TV show “Life at Table Mountain” on the Sportsman Channel. Kalen is an avid outdoorsmen and is passionate about the sport of archery, during his down time he can be found roaming the mountains of Oregon searching for giant Wapiti bull.

 Bridger Van Ness

Grunt & Videographer

Born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska, Bridger started off as an intern videographer and shortly thereafter was brought on full time. While earning his degree from Norwich University in Vermont, Bridger continued his work with Premier Frontier Productions videoing adventures as well as doing the grunt work involved with the business. His passion is the outdoors and loves working with “The Team” on all sorts of adventures throughout Alaska. When not helping The Team, Bridger serves our great country as an active duty soldier in the U.S. Army. He has successfully earned the coveted Ranger Tab as well as being qualified in Airborne, Air Assault and Pathfinder operations.

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